Treasury Services

If your business exports or imports goods or services, or receives and makes payments in foreign currencies, you need to consider how will protect yourself against fluctuations in exchange rates.

Epoch Finance provides a variety of treasury services to companies who actively manage their finance and need treasury management services. From managing multiple payments and collecting receipts to budgeting and forecasting we offer intelligence in the identification and subsequent management of risk.

We undertake reviews of your foreign currency and payment processes to provide recommendations on how to improve these functions. We also provide guidance onĀ  all aspects of cash management, including banking structures, cash pooling and cash concentration techniques.

We also cover multi currency cash pooling and cross border cash pooling and have specific expertise in China and SE Asia.

Whether your priorities include the purchase of multi currencies and formulation of a sound FX policy, cash pooling and hedging requirements, we have a solution for you.

Foreign Exchange and Interest Rate risk management

The volatility of foreign exchange markets can affect your business for better or worse. Some companies have the infrastructure to deal with FX but SME’s cannot always afford to devote time and resources to this area.

We can add value by streamlining your payments and advise regarding suitable hedging instruments and how these can aid your business.

Whether your requirements are simply for forward FX contracts, or for more complex currency swaps or derivative products please call us for assistance.







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